About Modern Web Presence

The world is changing and you need to keep up with these changes! A Website in 2013 is not enough any more, you need to think MOBILE and have at least a Mobile Optimized website.

Having a Modern Web Presence on the Internet and Mobile web is vital to the success and growth of your business. The Modern Web include Social Media, Location Based Services, Mobile web, App Stores, Mobile Applications, QR Codes and professional networks like Linked In.

Our core business is to help build and maintain your PRESENCE on the above mentioned products.

We also provide an OUTSOURCE option namely: Modern Web Ambassador. By outsourcing the management of your social media and the above mentioned products we not only save you time and money, but also make sure you have a professional and modern presence on the web.

Have you seen these icons before?

Have you seen Location Based Services and Networks like these?

Have you noticed that all new Smartphones come pre-loaded with these icons?

The Modern Web are not only the Internet and Social Media on Desk Top computers but Social Media is also MOBILE Optimized.
All Smartphones are GPS enabled, this means that Location Based Services like Google + Local and Foursquare will become more and more vital players on the Modern Web.
Modern Web Presence diagram, Click on the image to enlarge

The GOOD news are that all these Networks are FREE to use and we will help YOU take advantage of them to BUILD your Modern Web Presence!


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